Street-proven class, great sound, lightning-fast response and the storage capacity available combine to make a truly great music portable
In a smaller room or as a near-field monitor, Opera’s Mezza 2012s would be a wonderful choice
Well-built, well-designed, sounds great using either filter setting (but for me, sounds better in the ‘Slow’ setting) and has a decent swathe of features.
Audition an Avid Sequel SP right now... you will never, ever, regret that you did!
Has features you will not find in many other CD players, such as pitch control…
Yamaha is back in high-end audio and the NS-F901 is a fitting beacon
An outstanding performer, not only as a Streamer, but also as a CD player, as a DAC, and as a pre-amplifier!
An absolutely outstanding amplifier, which would be a bargain at its asking price even if you didn’t get a top-quality DAC into the bargain as well
Yamaha’s NS-SW300 incorporates some unusual—and unusually useful—technological features, including Active Servo circuitry…
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