Subwoofer specialist JL Audio's Fathom f112v.2 promises performance worthy of a flagship series high-end subwoofer
Audio Research's latest Reference preamplifier, the Reference 6, promises a performance boost over its predecessor and already outstanding Reference 5 SE.
The Sydney Morning Herald’s hi-fi columnist, Rod Easdown, says that Richter’s Wizard is the biggest-selling Australian speaker in history
Its performance as an integrated amplifier is exceptionally good, plus you’re also getting a brilliant on-board DAC into the bargain.
They’ll outperform any other similarly-priced small speakers I’ve ever heard, which makes them outstanding value for money...
I was really excited by this amplifier. It has all the features I want in an amp and all the performance I demand...
The Parasound Halo is an excellent amplifier, but it’s also an excellent phono stage, an excellent headphone amplifier, and an excellent DAC plus...
The Krix Neuphonix MkIIs are truly superb high-fidelity speakers that would be a great choice for any room, small or large, and for any style of music.
Krix’s new Volcanix is a superb subwoofer that will work perfectly across a wide range of applications
Amongst the most satisfying speakers I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing for quite some time.
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