Is the Pro-Ject Elemental a ‘cheap and cheerful’ take on Pro-Ject’s higher-priced vinyl-spinners?
‘If I had heard them back then, I certainly would have purchased them on the spot for that price… they’re that good.’
The AVM Inspiration CS2.2 will be absolutely perfect for anyone who wants a component that will do everything... or almost everything!
Arcam’s A19 amplifier is a neat, well thought-out package that is wife-friendly in size, looks high class, is beautifully built and a real joy to use.
The DEQX proved to be a superb tool for correcting the frequency response errors and deviations inevitable in all speaker/room interactions. Plus it’s a superb preamp and DAC…
Put the Krix Harmonix Mk2 up against any other similarly-sized speakers—at any price—and you won’t need any more convincing than to hear their sound.
You will be very impressed: Outstanding sound quality, excellent build quality and truly moveable
This amplifier does so many things right that it’s almost as if the designers had a tick-box from an audiophile’s wish list and worked away until they’d ticked all the boxes!
Don’t take your wife with you when you go to audition Sunfire’s HRS-10 subwoofer: it’ll destroy your credibility on all things audio!
It bears the same model number as previous Aragon 8008s but is a completely different design...
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