The Planar 3’s performance, ease of use and attractive design would seem to indicate that Rega’s turntables will remain leading lights for now, and likely for as long as the black stuff may last
the new Naim NAP 250DR uses exactly the same Naim-designed custom output transistors as the Statement, as well as the self-same discrete regulators (DRs) as the flagship amplifier…
If you have a smaller room and are desirous of great bass—and domestic harmony—Sunfire’s tiny XTEQ 8 would be a great choice.
The Korg DS-DAC-100m would appear to be just about the most cost-effective way of getting real DSD decoding (that is, not via conversion to PCM) from a computer.
Do yourself a favour and book a good, solid listening session with Dynaudio’s Emit M10s, because you’ll be amazed at how good they sound.
The proverb tells us we can’t have our cake and eat it too, but it seems that Krix has turned that proverb on its (proverbial) head with the Acoustix Mk2
This amplifier's name, celebrates both Audio Analogue’s twentieth anniversary as a company and the 15th anniversary of the first Maestro amplifier.
If ever a company could be said to have truly ‘burst’ onto the audio scene, that company would be Lumin. The reason is in the name of the company that makes Lumin - Pixel Magic.
Prism Sound is a newcomer to the audiophile arena, but it’s an old hand in the professional audio sphere, having been founded back in 1987 by Graham Boswell and Ian Dennis,
Do you want your headphones to sound like loudspeakers? The Japanese makers of the Crosszone CZ-1 think you should. Their view is that the inherent individual-ear isolation of headphones is unrealistic in terms of how we perceive sound.
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