Four new fine-art matte inkjet papers introduced by Epson.
The new A77 it has a camera more than capable of beating its rivals form Canon and Nikon
The EOS 650D shares quite a lot with the existing 600D, but with enough upgrades and additional features to extend its appeal
Interested in moving up to an A3+ inkjet printer, but don’t want to make a huge investment?
Very keen pricing and a significantly expanded feature set means that Canon’s latest entry-level D-SLR really sticks it to the mirrorless cameras being marketed as an alternative to the reflex.
Canon’s G-series PowerShots have been popular with professionals and enthusiasts alike.
Redesigned both inside and out Canon's fourth generation 'small format' D-SLR sets new standards in every department. One day there will be a better D-SLR than this ... but we'll probably have to wait a while.
Canon’s new entry-level D-SLR offers significantly more features and performance for the same price as the outgoing model. Paul Burrows concludes that the EOS 400D is going to keep Canon on top in the D-SLR market.
For the price of a small hatchback you can instead have Canon’s first EF-mount 800mm supertelephoto and which can probably get you just as far. Paul Burrows limbers up to try out Canon’s biggest gun.
Canon promises high ISO performance and high resolution with its Mk.II EOS 5D but does it deliver? Paul Burrows finds out.
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