There is an unmistakable purity about the Canon EOS-1D X.
Incorporating a teleconverter into a lens may look like a simple exercise, but the technical challenges are significant
It lives up to the promise of being the most capable D-SLR we’ve ever seen.
The Sonata range of amplifiers have been a long time coming, with Crescendo announcing years ago that it was commencing work on numerous new units.
Canon may have finally joined the CSC club, but this doesn’t mean it’s going to stop making its entry-level D-SLRs extremely attractive for both first-timers and budget-minded enthusiasts.
Can the third-generation model keep up the momentum now there’s some serious Competition?
The 5D Mark II gave Canon a valuable entry into the pro video market and it was hugely popular with stills photographers too.
Rich detail, less grain, smooth tonal gradations and a neutral rendition with no discernable
Sony is first with a real enthusiast-level compact system camera.
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