• Recording media: 16MB-2GB SD cards or 4GB-32GB SDHCcards
  • Recording Time (with 2GB card): 03:08:00 (44.1kHz/16-bit WAV), 34:43:00 (128 kbps MP3)
  • Display: LCD (128 x 64 pixels) with backlight
  • Power: AA size battery x 2

    • AC Adapter (optional)
    • USB bus power

  • Weight: 176g (without batteries)
  • Included Accessories

    • XYH-5 X/Y mic capsule
    • SD card (2GB)
    • AA size battery x 2
    • USB cable
    • Foam windscreen
    • Case
    • Operation manual
    • Steinberg cubase LE software download
    • Steinberg Wavelab LE software download

Price: $ AU RRP $499

The Zoom H5 is a portable recording device that uses a system of interchangeable microphone capsules. The different mic capsules can be changed liked the lens of a camera depending on what application you want to use the H5 for. The mic capsule can also be replaced by two XLR inputs making it possible to record via four XLR inputs simultaneously on one small unit. The H5 may look familiar, it is a smaller and much more compact version of the Zoom H6, and Zoom have kept all the features that made the H6 so great and left out some of the not so necessary ones.

If you want a device that you can set up in a rehearsal room and demo ideas on, then look no further, the Zoom H5 now ships with an XY configuration capsule capable of handling up to 140spl. This provides you with more than enough headroom to capture the loudest of jams without distorting. All those new song ideas can be captured on an SD card and the card can be taken out and songs transferred to any device with a card reader. Alternatively you can transfer what is on the card via the Zoom H5’s USB port. You can also record in the format of your choosing, WAV if you are going for quality of sound, or Mp3 if you need to fit as much recording time as possible on one SD card.

The Zoom H5 can be operated on two AA batteries for up to fifteen hours, making it the perfect device for field recordings, or recording songs anywhere you please. It can also be run off the included DC adapter if you need to record the longest album in history. The Zoom H5 can be attached to an SLR camera via the optional camera mount adapter, a handy feature if you want to film your own gig or rehearsal. Via the unit’s USB connection you can also use the H5 as a multi-channel sound card for any computer or USB device.

The interchangeable mic capsules make the Zoom H5 a very versatile tool. The shotgun mic makes it great for filming, the XY mic makes it great for capturing stereo sound such as a band rehearsal, and the extra XLR inputs make it great for multi-tracking. The Zoom H5 can record up to 4 channels simultaneously, and being a digital device you can bounce down multiple tracks to one track and keep on layering tracks. The XLR inputs can provide phantom power independently of each other and the gain controls are conveniently located on the outside of the unit. The black and white screen allows you to easily navigate through menus and apply effects to any of the channels. The layout of the navigation menu and external transport controls is very intuitive. This makes it easy to record and playback without the need to navigate through screens.

The Zoom H5 may be a stripped back version of the H6, but it has all the features that made the H6 great, just in a more portable and convenient package. The Zoom H5 is very versatile in terms of different recording applications, and also doubles as an audio interface, making it great value for money if you require a device for multiple applications.


Dynamic Music

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  • Portable and compact
  • Interchangeable mic capsules
  • Battery operation


  • Only ships with one mic capsule