Perfect for strummers who want more volume, and for vocal accompaniment or competing with louder acoustic instruments such as banjos and fiddles.
Craig Carrol is ready to play with fire.
Epiphone gets all 1930s with its latest series, which goes from ultra-deluxe beauties to more practically-appointed models like the Zenith Classic.
Epiphone looks to its past before adding some modern-day updates and topping it all off with great playability.
Petrucci and Music Man come up with a road-ready hotrod.
Gibson unleashes its stoner-ist Flying V yet. How does it stack up?
After all these years, what can Fender do to keep the Stratocaster appealing?
Fender knows that folks love their Jaguars more or less vintage-like. So how could they tweak it without wrecking it?
Another entry in Peavey’s line of mini-heads, the Classic 20 MH promises versatile and quality tones in an economical package.
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