They bounce with life, their sound is far above their price, partly because these are another contribution from the studio side of headgear.
Use your favourite wired headphones, but enjoy wireless freedom around the home.
Perfect for strummers who want more volume, and for vocal accompaniment or competing with louder acoustic instruments such as banjos and fiddles.
A beautiful object, the P9 Signature, offering a level of luxury to which upmarket B&W owners may well aspire.
Many Bluetooth speakers today play music in mono, requiring a doubling of investment to add a second unit for stereo. But not Cambridge Audio’s Yoyo M.
Entry-level home cinema projectors just keep getting better, as proven by BenQ’s award-winning 1080p model at $1149.
A fine implementation of both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay - though no DAB+ or time alignment at this level.
Focal's 4-channel amp has an SQ tag for a reason - it amplifies the sound honestly without adding anything to the original artists’ intention.
Craig Carrol is ready to play with fire.
Epiphone gets all 1930s with its latest series, which goes from ultra-deluxe beauties to more practically-appointed models like the Zenith Classic.
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