The original 35mm film CL was designed to widen Leica’s appeal among enthusiast photographers and its digital namesake is intended to do exactly the same thing.
The new FPX range looks absolutely stunning, and comes with power to match.
Clearly the Alpine iLX-107 CarPlay head unit is only for iPhone people. But if you’re one of them, it ought to thoroughly delight.
A multichannel prodigy delivering a truly musical experience.
Deceptive little device, the Nonda Zus. It looks like an in-car USB charger, and it is. But rather a lot more, as well.
The DrivePro 230 ticks the essential boxes of reliability, fit and forget operation, and a good level of versatility, as well as improving clarity with a new sensor.
A classic is reborn, and its original prowess has not wearied with the passing years.
Do you want your headphones to sound like loudspeakers? The Japanese makers of the Crosszone CZ-1 think you should. Their view is that the inherent individual-ear isolation of headphones is unrealistic in terms of how we perceive sound.
The Lumin A1 delivers a level of performance that’s truly state-of-the-art
Forget the old sing-song round the campfire, with the GS1 you can upgrade to bigscreen movie entertainment...
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