Steve Neil
Above: Still causing trouble - Steve Neil in 1959, and 2013. 

“So it's goodnight from me…” signed off Steve Neil’s final newsletter after 17 years of entertaining side-swipes, sales pitches and often useful information based around his retail business Eastwood Hi-Fi (which has, since 2012, been located in Dural, NSW).

Neil is often controversial in his comments, and a 2013 interview with Australian Hi-Fi magazine ran under a coverline which read “Who’s The Most Hated Hi-Fi Dealer in Australia?” – referring to his penchant for upsetting other retailers by cornering the market in certain items and then offering competitive pricing. (You can read the full interview HERE.) he’s not putting down his pen, or keyboard, just yet, announcing “a new website which I'll be blogging on every day or so”.

“With now bloated (by necessity) so I can't play around with it as much as I'd like, I've started as a pet project,” he says. “The Eastwood HiFi site is still our main site and all traffic is directed there for purchases and info. It's just that I like to have a little fun occasionally.”

So you can check out his new baby at

But it comes with a warning.

"No point going there if you're prudish or have no sense of humour,” he warned in his final newsletter. “The amount of HiFi and Home Theatre information is minimal and the slagging off of people that annoy me is maximised.”

If past performance is any indication, we expect to be featured irregularly there ourselves.