The forthcoming HEOS AVR will combine the HEOS streaming multiroom system with a 5.1-channel AV receiver capable of working with wireless HEOS rear speakers.
Plug your TV into Sennheiser's little transmitter and your favourite headphones in to the wireless receiver. Easy.
BenQ has taken the Ultra High Definition technology used in the W11000 projector and has switched the lamp for wide-gamut high-brightness low-maintenance Philips ColorSpark HLD LEDs.
A lesson for all things 'smart' that might be on your shopping list. Just remember that they ain’t so smart once they switch off the back-up service.
An update for Aurender's A10 delivers streaming MQA playback fully unfolded without the need for Tidal's desktop app.
No minijack, USB-C digital audio, and USonic earbuds which zap your eardrum to create a personal audio profile.
Tangent's range of Danish-designed wireless speakers, radios, CD players and other audio products will now be distributed in Australia by Indi Imports.
You can be in the draw to win one of KEF's premium Muo wireless speakers when you get tickets to the Australian Hi-Fi & AV Show in Sydney.
Print this PDF at precisely 100%, then cut out the strobe card to check your turntable speed. Note - this is optimised for Australian conditions (50Hz).
New subwoofers, new 'Diamond' series in-wall speakers — Bowers & Wilkins has developed what it calls a ‘Diamond Cinema experience’, announced overnight at the ISE Show in Amsterdam.
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