HEOS on Denon
‘HEOS by Denon’ has become ‘HEOS by Denon and Marantz’, as the two brands from the D&M stable begin including the HEOS wireless multiroom platform in products beyond the existing ecosystem. 
The first Marantz products with HEOS inside are two new flagship models, the nine-channel $4190 SR7011 AV receiver and the 11-channel $3970 AV7703 AV pre-amp processor. 
HEOS branding on Marantz products is relatively subtle, while Denon models wear it proudly — above is the 11-channel $4699 AVR-X6300H, while the $2999 AVR-X4300H also includes HEOS. 
Aside from gaining the app control and streaming abilities of HEOS, these receivers will all be able to pass all their inputs via HEOS to any other HEOS products in the home, and of course with AV receivers, that’s a whole lot of inputs! The HEOS app has been integrated into Denon’s own AVR control app using a toggle mode. Distributors QualiFis expect many more upcoming Denon and Marantz products to include HEOS.
Meanwhile the main HEOS wireless mlutiroom offering (below) has now all been updated to second-generation ‘HS2’ status, with faster processing power and bringing built-in Bluetooth to all models, plus the ability to stream high-res WAV, Apple Lossless and FLAC files over a network up to 24-bit/192kHz. An update is promised to add DSD and AIFF formats.
The new HEOS models are rolling out (the Link HS2 has already won a Sound+Image Award) and are all expected to be available by Christmas. Pricing for each model has been kept the same as the first generation.