Elipson Planet L

Indi Imports continues to grow its collection of brands, with the announcement that French brand Elipson will join its stable.

“We are very excited to bring you the French jewel in Elipson,” says Paul Riachi, Indi Imports’ Managing Director. “Elipson has an extremely unique and distinctive look which enlightens any home or studio. The acoustics are so crisp and sharp it’ll surprise anyone that listens to them. It is going to be a pleasure selling this through the Australian dealer network at an affordable price.”

Elipson BS50 Tribute

Elipson is particularly noted for its use of the sphere as its speaker design of preference, as established by the innovative experimentation of Joseph Léon, who described the company’s audio products as “vectors for musical emotion”. The company’s early work included provision of quality monitor speakers for the French broadcasting corporation the Office of French-Television broadcasting (ORTF), and the company’s name is connected with Leon’s use of an ellipsoid reflector on his designs, including the classic BS50, designed in 1953 and created for the first son et lumiere shows at the Château de Chambord in Chambord, Loir-et-Cher, France. To mark the occasion of its 60th birthday, Elipson honoured this landmark with a new BS50 Tribute edition (pictured), which will be available through Indi Imports.

Elipson ReligieuseAnother Elipson classic, not yet revived, was the amazing 5060 Elipson ‘Religieuse’, named, we gather, after a particularly pleasing French pastry, and regarded as a triumph of the loudspeaker art. It was an early active loudspeaker, which was powered by a Schlumberger tube amp located in the foot. In 1962 Leon was awarded the Order of Merit for his services to research and invention.

Elipson also has plenty of the more usual box-shaped speaker designs on its books, but it is the spheres that continue to draw attention. The company’s combination of Music Centre with the Planet L spherical speakers is a favourite pairing of ours, winning a Sound+Image Award back in 2012. The offering has since been updated, with the current Music Centre BT including Bluetooth aptX streaming (pictured below).

Elipson Omega turntable

There is also a range of turntables now available, the Alpha and Omega models both entirely designed and developed by Elipson’s team of designers and engineers.

“The product range is a good offering if you want to compare it to Bose, offering a true loudspeaker technology not just a standard sub satellite pack,” says Paul Riachi.

The Elipson range will join Indi Imports with availability from mid- March, joining an expanding set of brands including AMC, Canton, Cyrus, Myryad, the Danish ‘System Audio’ speaker range, Sonoro’s German radios, Unity Audio, and Elfi Design AV furniture and brackets.

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