Convoy International’s average sound quality has risen significantly with the ejection of Beats by Dr Dre from its portfolio of brands. Regular Sound+Image readers will know that we have little love for the iconic US brand which has led the trend for wearing large sealed overear headphone designs on public transport, while also creating a market for copy-cat designs that sadly also mimic the excessive bass emphasis all too often applied to the drivers of such ‘street’ or ‘urban’ designs.

The departure had been widely expected since the owners of the Beats brand, Beats Electronics LLC, decided not to renew its five-year partnership with Monster. 

Convoy remains strong in the headphone space, with high-quality headwear including Bowers & Wilkins (the in-ear C5 has just won a Sound+Image Award) and Harman Kardon.  

“With over 46 years’ experience and dedication, we have developed a strong understanding of the headphone segment in the consumer electronics business,” says Geoff Matthews, CEO at Convoy. “Our business has grown significantly in recent years and to ensure we continue that growth, we have split our business into two virtual streams – Legacy and New Media. Our proud legacy range comes from over 46 years of working with world-class brands, offering best practice sales support and innovative marketing to complement the great audio components and loudspeakers we offer.

“The New Media side of our business, which includes headphones, portable speakers and docking stations, has boomed from the development of high performance portable audio players, smartphones and tablet devices. This is without a doubt the fastest growing segment in the CE business today.” 

At Sound+Image we’re not entirely sure about labelling exciting new stereo gear as ‘Legacy’. Indeed our happiest hours are spent controlling so-called ‘Legacy’ hi-fi using New Media devices in an integrated home system, the like of which we believe to represent a golden future for the consumer audio industry. We’re pleased to see Convoy has all the options covered.

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(We’ll add the new distributorship of Beats in this space once it has been established.)