CWM8.3 Diamond New subwoofers, new in-wall speakers — Bowers & Wilkins has developed what it calls a ‘Diamond Cinema experience’, announced overnight at the ISE Show in Amsterdam. The products creating this experience include new three new models for B&W's CI800 Series Diamond custom installation range, introducing Diamond dome tweeters, Continuum and Aerofoil cones to its in-wall range, as used in the latest D3 versions of the legendary 800 Series.

B&W says the Diamond Cinema is “a completely new level of home cinema performance… the ultimate 3D Cinema sound experience”, combining the merits of overhead loudspeakers, improved audio quality, greater spatial control and resolution. All 15 channels of the system deliver equal sound pressure levels and, subwoofers aside, full frequency response.

The 15 channels of CI800 speakers in the Diamond Cinema include nine of the flagship CWM8.3 Diamond models, and five CCM8.5 Diamond in-ceiling speakers.

The flagship CWM8.3 D in-wall speaker (pictured right) is a three-way model with a 25mm diamond-dome Nautilus tube-loaded tweeter, a 130mm Continuum midrange driver, and twin 180mm (7-inch) Aerofoil bass drivers. The company gives the frequency range as 30Hz to 35kHz to -6dB, and they sit within a dedicated back-box — indeed the new models have been developed to fit into the back boxes of existing models, so customers can easily upgrade. The CWM8.3 D’s aluminium mini baffle can be turned through 90 degrees for usdde as a centre speaker. It protrudes a mere 8mm from the wall.

Also available are the smaller CWM8.5 D in-wall model, a two-way with the same tweeter as its big brother, plus a single 180mm (7-inch) Continuum cone bass/midrange driver.

The two-way in-ceiling speaker has the same drivers as the smaller in-wall model, with a rotatable aluminium mini-baffle to allow ‘toe-in’. The smaller in-wall and the in-ceiling speakers are both rated by B&W to deliver 35Hz to 35kHz at -6dB.

Local pricing for all models has yet to be confirmed; they are expected to be available from June 2017.

B&W Diamond Cinema

The subwoofers are new too — extending B&W’s DB Series, from which the original DB1 took our top Sound+Image subwoofer award a couple of years back. This has been replaced by the new DB1D – the most powerful active subwoofer the company has ever made, with an internal 2000W amplifier driving two dual-balanced 12-inch Aerofoil cones identical to those found in the 800 Series Diamond. An all-new digital pre-amplifier keeps everything running optimally. The Diamond Cinema deploys two DB1D subwoofers.

The DB Series also includes two new, smaller “but incredibly capable” subwoofers, says B&W.

Bowers & Wilkins is distributed in Australia by Convoy International.
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