Specific solutions for the upgrading of factory systems that encompass the inner workings of the vehicles while also offering the latest multimedia head unit technologies.
At this stage, the Clarion FDS is unique and at the very cutting edge of what current technology permits.
A true high-end product aimed at providing the best possible sound quality from PCM and, as a world first, from DSD formats.
Reed has released the Muse 1C, a turntable which it says ‘is our first step into the 'traditional design, middle-range turntable market.'
Finnish speaker manufacturer Amphion has launched its new floor-standing Argon3LS, and models are already available in Australia.
Paradigm has discontinued its Signature speaker range. The last stock at nearly 50 per cent off is at Eastwood Hi-Fi, in Sydney.
NAD has upgraded its award-winning C 565 BEE CD player with the new C568, which has USB and digital inputs.
Beth Brown is the first Australian female artist to join the Gretsch Guitars family.
Benchmark has released its new DAC3 digital-to-analogue converter, which features ESS Technologies’ ES9028PRO converter chip, which offers active THD compensation.
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