Bluetooth 5 has been announced - higher, faster, longer. Does this mean we will get better Bluetooth audio?
US manufacturer Anthem has discontinued its i225 stereo amplifier and Eastwood Hi-Fi is running out stock at almost half price.
Many companies have designed and built automated tonearm lifters to lift the tonearm from an LP once it reaches the run-out groove. Few have been entirely successful. The latest to market is the ‘Little Fwend’ designed in Norway
Arcam’s new rHead headphone amplifier is a true linear Class-A design to ensure there can be absolutely no crossover distortion, since this particular distortion is more audible when listening through headphones than it is when listening to loudspeakers.
Sigma continues to develop its ‘Global Vision’ programs of three high-performance lens series specific to applications
SanDisk has released details of the first 1.0 TB (terabytes) capacity SDXC memory card.
The new Profoto Pro-10 2400 AirTTL offers TTL auto exposure control along with HSS (High Speed Sync) and the world’s shortest flash duration of just 1/80,000 second.
Phase One has repackaged its 101 megapixels CMOS sensor from the IQ3 100 capture back into a more affordable IQ1 Series device.
Wavetrain Distribution has been appointed the exclusive Australian distributor for Canadian-made Nakymatone Invisible speakers.
Advance Audio, which distributes Arcam in Australia, has announced the arrival of Arcam’s irDAC-II, which replaces Arcam’s three-year-old irDAC. The new irDAC-II is fitted with the new ESS Sabre ES9016K2M converter chip
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