South Korean lens maker Samyang has introduced its first autofocus model for the Canon EF mount.
It’s an indication of just how much effort Sony is putting into its mirrorless camera program that this latest zoom is the 46th E mount lens.
Raidho says that it isn’t the price that makes the XT-5 its flagship design so much that its performance breaks new ground, thanks to the use of six ‘Ceramix’ drivers and a ribbon tweeter.
If you hadn’t been at High End in Munich or CEDIA in San Franscisco last year, CES 2018 would have been your first chance to see the latest version of the Mark Levinson 585 integrated amplifier.
JBL used CES 2018 to release an updated version of the company’s most popular and most famous loudspeaker design during the 70s, the JBL L100.
How do you built a $US20,000 loudspeaker? According to Swedish manufacturer Sound Dimension, you just stack 66 of its Soundot XCEL A-1 powered Bluetooth speakers together.
We thought we had a scoop when we spotted a turntable bearing the familiar Master & Dynamic brand-name, as it would be first for a company that mostly specialises in headphones. But it was not to be...
You didn't think Mastodon would leave it at just one show, did ya?
Nagra’s long-awaited HD Preamp was on display at CES 2018, having previously been shown at RMAF 2017, and listed as an honouree in the CES Innovations Awards.
Last year Music Hall’s Roy Hall bowed his entry-level mmf 1.3 turntable with built-in preamplifier. This year he showed an improved model, the mmf 1.5.
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