Our winning soundbar under $1000 delivers not just the usual soundbar upgrade of TV audio, but a musical performance which makes this a genuine multipurpose audio system.
The Totem Acoustics Signature One, released to celebrate this Canadian company’s 30th anniversary, is now available in Australia.
This enormously powerful and controlled amplifier shows Marantz’s ability to compete at the highest levels of hi-fi. It’s a triumph of design, a new classic.
Clarion’s $899 VT1020A motorised rooftop monitor should put at least a temporary stop to the cries of ‘Are we there yet?’.
Lithuanian manufacturer Audio Solutions has released a new range of loudspeakers known as Figaro. First shown at the recent North Germany Hi-Fi Days, the Figaro series replaces the company’s Rhapsody series.
Versatile app-controlled online and network streaming via MusicCast, plus great audio circuits for sound quality.
Norwegian singer/songwriter Kari Bremnes has been appointed the brand ambassador for High End 2018, the world’s largest audio exhibition, held in May in Munich, Germany.
Soundcast President and CEO Oscar Ciornei thinks the new VG10 is such an important model for his company that he travelled all the way from the USA to Australia to launch it…
Sony’s latest program of upgrades for its A7 series of full-35mm format mirrorless cameras continues with the introduction of the A7 III which joins the A7R III announced a few months ago.
Californian company MSB has released its Premier DAC, which replaces the Signature DAC V in the MSB line-up
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