As the genre-nonconforming regional fest enters its twelfth year at the top of the food chain, organisers are repping one of its biggest lineups to date.
Entries close on 5 February so you still have a few days left to prepare your entries for the prestigious 2017 Pink Lady® Food Photographer Of The Year competition.
If you were in YG Acoustics’ room at CES 2017 at the right time, you could have heard for yourself how accurately the new Sonya XVs reproduced the sound of a ukulele.
German manufacturer Audionet was showing its new Heisenberg mono power amplifiers at CES and revealed that the first production models were already on their way to Australia.
Good design may be difficult to specify, but you’ll know it when you see it, and we saw it on Jamo’s booth at CES 2017, in the new Concert Series, the Studio 8 and the debut ATM-50.
Old meets new. Or, rather, old merged with new. The Klipsch Heritage Fifteen combines founder Paul Klipsch’s preferred driver layout with modern amplification and wireless streaming.
It wasn’t too much of a surprise to learn that a company that has a ‘Holee Shit*’ subwoofer should release one called ‘MiniMe’.
US outfit Emotiva had 37 good reasons for being at CES 2107: It had 37 new models to show, which filled three suites in the Venetian Tower.
Not to be outdone by the thousands of drones flying around at CES 2017, LG showed a flying speaker… or perhaps a ‘hovering’ speaker would be a more accurate description…
Sony has launched a stand-alone device designed to augment in-car Bluetooth capabilities or integrate the smartphone with existing car stereo systems without Bluetooth capabilities.
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