Jerry Garcia's legendary 'Wolf' guitar is hitting the auction block.
Pure Music Group has opened a new retail store in Melbourne, called Sonic Purity, and a new Web Shop, and is having a sale to celebrate.
Technical Audio Group, which distributes Audio-Technica in Australia, has released A-T's DSR7BT headphones. The DSR9BTs won an 'Editor’s Choice' award at CES earlier this year.
Stax has announced a new hybrid headphone amplifier which uses a 6922 twin-triode in the pre-amplifier section and solid-state Class-A circuitry in the power output stage
Leica Camera and Master & Dynamic have joined forces to create a range of premium headphones bearing the ‘0.95’ logo.
Consisting of individual performances, masterclasses, and workshops from world-leading musicians, the event will inhabit many musical spaces across the city from Wednesday 23 – Sunday 27 August, 2017.
Alpine has announced a trio of R-series speakers which includes two coaxials and a 2-way component set
Audeze has released its Sine DX headphones, an open-backed version of its Sine closed-back headphones.
Panel costs are flat, but TV prices keep falling. It can't go on.
Beware of TVs labelled as "HDR compatible". It means they accept the HDR signal, but they can't display it properly.
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