Audionet has created a 'Special Edition' of the SAM 20 integrated amplifier to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the SAM 20 design.
Life Style Store in North Parramatta, NSW, will be hosting a special launch evening for the new KEF LS50 Wireless 'Nocturne' speakers on Wednesday 29th November. If you buy a pair on the night, you'll get stands valued at $800 included for free.
Sony’s first true 4K laser projector, the VPL-VW760ES, will be launched at an open-to-the-public event at BMC Hi-Fi in Burwood, Melbourne, on Monday 27th November.
Audio Research has released its VT80SE. Rated with a power output of 85-watts per channel, almost the only difference between it and the older VT80 is that the new unit has KT-150 valves.
The entire new 5#2017 issue of AUSTRALIAN INCAR magazine can be read for free, right here. Just click. Easy.
Monitor Audio’s flagship loudspeaker, the PL500 II, which is available from Melbourne Hi-Fi, is the only Platinum Series model to use an MTM layout.
The single is out now on all (good) digital platforms.
Exposure has added a monobloc power amplifier, the XM9, to its compact XM series
AC/DC legend Malcolm Young has passed away at age 64 after a battle with dementia.
Very few so-called ‘wireless’ earphones are actually truly wireless. At best the left and right earphones are usually joined by a thin wire. Sony’s new WF-1000X earphones are truly wireless. No wires at all.
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