This is a thorny international riddle, but recent claims by Loewe prompted us to dig more deeply into the German claims for a key place in the story.
AMG and DS Audio reprised their last outing at CES 2017 at CES 2018 by showing almost exactly the same products, so it was more a case of déjà vu than whoa! (Whoa being the official catch-phrase for CES 2018.)
Gamut Audio is now part of the Dantax group of companies, joining fellow Danish high-end audio brands Raidho and Scansonic.
HIFIMAN previewed its new Sundara headphones at RMAF in 2017 but by the time CES 2018 rolled around they were available for sale, so that’s what HiFiMan showed… together with many other of its open-backed planar magnetic models.
Totem Acoustics showed its new Signature One bookshelf/standmount loudspeakers, released to celebrate the company's 30th Anniversary, at CES 2108.
Leica has launched a new series of high-performance prime lenses for its SL full-35mm mirrorless system.
VPI teamed with more than 22 other manufacturers at CES 2018 to ensure that its products were on show in eleven different suites on the 29th floor of the Venetian Hotel at Las Vegas.
Nikon’s optical engineers have overcome a number of technical challenges to incorporate a switchable 1.4x tele-converter into a telephoto zoom lens.
Israeli manufacturer Morel used CES 2018 to introduce its new line of PowerSlim in-wall and ceiling speakers which have 165mm diameter drivers, but less than 40mm deep.
Many companies use CES to demonstrate prototypes and concepts. Why? Sometimes because they really don’t have anything new; sometimes because they want feedback from industry buyers, and sometimes just to run up a flag.
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