Questyle has released a new DAC/Headphone Amplifier/Preamplifier that it says is the only desktop system in the world designed to drive all types of IEMs and full-size headphones
First there was the moving-coil cartridge, then the moving-magnet cartridge and then the optical cartridge and now, at CES 2017 another optical phono cartridge...
CES 2017 saw the introduction of Vandersteen’s Quatro Wood CT which now uses the same Carbon Tweeter (CT) as the Model 5A Carbon.
Wilson Benesch collects a CES 2017 Innovation Award for its new A.C.T. One Evolution P1 floor-standing loudspeakers.
Martin Logan exhibited at CES, but although the room sounded lovely, there was nothing new in it... though we did learn something about its model numbering system.
German manufacturer Lindemann very recently upgraded its MusicBook Music Players with a new AKM chipset, enabling better upsampling performance and DSD playback.
Revel has released an upgraded version of its F208, with a new dual composite cone and (obviously!) a beryllium tweeter!
Mark Levinson has released its first turntable, the No 515, currently spinning black vinyl high above the streets of Las Vegas, in the Venetian Towers at CES 2017.
Avantgarde’s newest loudspeaker, the Advantage 0TA, released yesterday at CES in Las Vegas, has been stripped down to basics.
We’re not quite sure why Moon calls them ‘lucky’ watts, but this Canadian company’s latest monobloc can deliver 888 of them into 8Ω loads, and 1,776 of them into 4Ω loads.
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