German turntable manufacturer Clearaudio released a new version of the Performance DC Wood turntable at CES 2017.
Paradigm showed off its Persona 9H Flagship model at CES 2017. It’s a hybrid design with Anthem Room Correction built in to control the four active bass drivers.
Andrew Jones’ most recent design was so new that CES 2017 was the first time anyone else at all had heard them… including his co-workers at Elac. Indeed all Andante models shown at CES 2107 were officially labelled ‘prototype.’
There’s Rogers, the famous UK loudspeaker manufacturer, then there’s Rogers the famous US Class-A amplifier manufacturer. It was the latter outfit that exhibited its new 65V-1 at CES 2017.
Focal has released a new range of FPX amplifiers including an audiophile design for puresr SQ
Aussie outfit Audiofly released its AF 100W at CES 2107, which has a single full-range micro-driver similar to that Audiofly uses in its high-end IEM models.
It's a cup with a cushion, for a turntable stylus. But it's how they tell it...
CES is great place for manufacturers to show tweaky products, because they can get an instant handle on how many they may sell and ramp production up (or down) accordingly.
Leica's M10, “adapted to meet the precise needs of contemporary photography, ”goes on sale in Australia today.
Mark Levinson has been showing its 519 Audio player at hi-fi shows around the world for more than a year. At CES 2017 Harman announced that it’s finally gone into production…
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