We always start stories on radar detectors with the following important disclaimer: radar detectors are illegal to use in all Australian states other than WA. If you are in the eastern states of Australia it is likely that the police in your state are using radar detector detectors (RDDs). See a further disclaimer at the end of this article.

Neltronics has announced a major upgrade for its bestselling Redline radar detector — the new Redline EX. This is, they say, the same old Redline under the hood, with its dual antenna design for extreme long range detection, and they claim it to be “completely undetectable by RDDs (Radar Detector Detectors)”.

The additions include GPS, which assists with false alert filtering, and provides Escort’s Defender database of all fixed speed cameras and red light cameras. With GPS the new Redline EX has the ability to lock out false alerts, mark your own locations of speed traps and of new cameras not yet in the database, as well as manually lock out your own known false alerts if need be. Plus there’s integrated Bluetooth which pairs mobile phone pairing to use the Escort Live app.

Escort Live mobile app
The Escort Live app (both Android and iOS) i­s free for Escort radar detector owners. It allows users to change the settings of their Escort radar detector, update the firmware when available, view true GPS speed, and when an alert is detected, it shows the information about the signal.

Perhaps most usefully Escort Live crowd-sources new information about locations of mobile speed cameras and other police speed traps. When a user picks up a mobile speed camera with their radar detector, the app gives the driver the option to manually lock out a particular alert if they know that it is a false one (like automatic doors at a service station). If they leave it, the app shares the location with all other Escort Live users in the area and alerts them to the threat. This works with speed cameras, hand-held radar or laser guns, and also with newly installed fixed cameras that may not yet be in the Defender database.

Alerts like a hand-held radar gun used by a police officer on the side of the road or a mobile speed camera will remain in the app for up to three hours. Fixed alerts added by users are permanent.

As with such crowd-sourced information, the more people that use the app, the better it works.

Redline EX International main features:
- Undetectable to RDDs (suitable for use Australia wide);
- GPS with Defender database;
- Automatic false alert filtering;
- Bluetooth for use with Escort Live;
- auto-sensitivity based on vehicle speed (via GPS);
- new cosmetic design;
- multi-colour OLED display;
- new magnetic suction cup.

Price is $1199

For more information on this and other new models, visit www.neltronics.com.au

Disclaimer: We are reporting on these devices in their role as safety warning systems to give the driver advanced warning of speed measuring devices and traffic hazards. NextMedia is in no way condone speeding or dangerous driving or for the use/misuse of these devices, which we note from Neltronics’ website do not guarantee that you will not be detected and issued an infringement if driving outside the law. The use of radar and laser detection features may be illegal in some states. Check applicable laws before using.