Radiance Audio Visual is now distributing the UK’s Vertere cables in Australia.

Vertere Cable is designed and manufactured by Touraj Moghaddam, the co-founder of Roksan. ‘Touraj, who was a graduate of the Imperial College of Engineering, reached a point at Roksan where he felt limited in his pursuit to design and engineer products to remedy the weak links within a hi-fi system,’ said Goran Sasic, of Radiance AV. ‘Hence it was that he left Roksan, and started Vertere.

Vertere’s first products are stranded interconnect and speaker cables, the construction of which, according to Moghaddam, is based varying the quantity and internal strand construction of the conductors depending on the types of signal the interconnect or speaker cable is intended to carry.

Vertere’s Pulse MicroLine conductor is Teflon-coated with high-purity copper strands plated in silver to a pre-defined thickness that Moghaddam says he has made especially for Vertere. ‘Because the individual strands in the MicroLine are just a fraction of a human hair in thickness, new manufacturing methods were necessary to handle the fragility of these critical conductors,’ said Moghaddam. ‘It also creates a challenge in the construction of the hand-built Pulse, limiting the overall length to a maximum of just two metres.’ Vertere says this conductor is only implemented in the hand-built Pulse cables.

The Pulse HairLine conductor is similar to the MicroLine, being Teflon coated with more than three times the number of high-purity copper strands, each one plated in silver to half the thickness. ‘The HairLine strands, also thinner than human hair, are designed with a “slow” twist requiring special manufacturing techniques to ensure absolute quality and consistency,’ Moghaddam told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine.

Vertere’s Pulse ModeLine conductor is also Teflon-coated, but the silver plating on the high purity copper strands is twice the thickness of those in the MicroLine, which also have what Vertere calls a ‘fast’ twist. ‘This twist is designed to assist wideband audio signal transmission through the three main conduction layers,’ said Sasic, ‘and as with the MicroLine and HairLine connectors, the cable has both ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ conductors to ensure absolute signal quality.

Pulse EarthLine Teflon-coated conductor has multi-stranded high-purity copper strands plated in silver to two-thirds the thickness of the MicroLine. ‘Each and every hand-built Pulse cable is fully shielded and terminated with Vertere proprietary reference RCA or balanced XLR connectors,’ said Sasic, ‘and after comparing this cable against other brands priced well above the product offered by Vertere, I thought the results were simply outstanding!

For further information, please contact Vertere at Radiance Audio Visual