The Panasonic RP-BT10E ultra-light water-resistant sport Bluetooth earphones are now available in Australia.
Audio Analogue has introduced a new line it calls ‘PureAA’. The first product released, the Audio Analogue AAcento integrated amplifier, is now available in Australia. The second release, the AAphono phono preamplifier is due shortly.
The Furustat Destat III is the third generation model of Furutech’s original destat and is claimed to remove dust and static charges in 15-seconds.
Pandora's exit from Australia on July 31 was only the start of its problems. Now it’s being sued by PayPal.
McIntosh has released its MCD350 SACD Player which has a 2× read-speed mechanism
McIntosh has released the first of its ‘next generation’ line of integrated amplifiers, the MA8900, which is rated with an output of 200 watts per channel and is the first product to feature McIntosh’s new ‘Monogrammed Heatsinks’.
SGR Audio has announced that anyone who owns a pair of its CX4F active loudspeakers can now upgrade to the latest Mk2 version at a special ‘early-adopter’ price.
German high-end manufacturer has resurrected a very old idea.
ATI has purchased Datasat Digital Entertainment, adding DDE to a list of brands that includes Theta Digital and BGW. Datasat Digital Entertainment (formerly DTS Digital Cinema) manufactures high-end audio processors for the home and professional markets.
Here are the links to all (or nearly all) of our reports from the Australian Hi-Fi & AV Show 2017 in Sydney.
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