Launched at CES 2018, Sony’s MDR1-AM2 headphones feature newly-developed 40mm drivers and Fibonacci patterned ear cups.
Jamo says that it has ‘re-imagined’ its Studio 8 speaker series, and the results were on show at the recent CES 2018 in Las Vegas.
Pro-Ject used CES 2018 to release a turntable as an homage to The Beatle’s Yellow Submarine song, movie and soundtrack. It’s the Pro-Ject Yellow Submarine turntable, whose plinth is a ‘Yellow Submarine’ shape.
Buy a Linn Majik LP12 before March 31 and you can option in one of five upgrades that are available for this model for half the usual upgrade price.
Clearaudio’s Concept Active turntables have been around for some time, but as of CES 2018, Clearaudio now offers an increased range of plinth, plinth trim, tonearm and cartridge options, as well as the option of choosing a ‘passive’ or an ‘active’ version.
AKG announced a pair of $US999 earphones, AKG N5005, at CES 2018.
Australia’s premier microphone manufacturer has established a scientific measurement division called RØDETest, which it’s kicked off by acquiring well-known acoustic measurement program FuzzMeasure.
AMG and DS Audio reprised their last outing at CES 2017 at CES 2018 by showing almost exactly the same products, so it was more a case of déjà vu than whoa! (Whoa being the official catch-phrase for CES 2018.)
Gamut Audio is now part of the Dantax group of companies, joining fellow Danish high-end audio brands Raidho and Scansonic.
HIFIMAN previewed its new Sundara headphones at RMAF in 2017 but by the time CES 2018 rolled around they were available for sale, so that’s what HiFiMan showed… together with many other of its open-backed planar magnetic models.
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