The McIntosh MA5300 Integrated Amplifier is the company’s smallest solid-state integrated amplifier—both in size and in output power.
NAD has responded to the resurgence in interest in black vinyl by introducing a belt-drive model fitted with an Ortofon OM10 cartridge.
Synergy AudioVisual demonstrated for the first time in Australia at the International HiFi Show in Melbourne the new Cambridge Audio CXUHD 4K UHD Universal Blu-Ray Player,
If you want to compare black vinyl against digital, or passive speakers vs active speakers, you'll never have a better chance than in the Pure Music Group's demonstration room at the International HiFI Show in Melbourne, but the last day is tomorrow...
If you’ve ever wondered about the ‘Ultimate Upgrade’ kit for Cary Audio’s SLP-05, you’ll be able to find out at the Melbourne International HiFi Show.
This year’s International HiFi Show in Melbourne gave me the chance to have a private demo of the Sennheiser HE1, a top-of-the-range, ‘price-is-no-object’ kind of design, powered by bespoke tubes and MOSFET amps integrated into the headphones themselves.
The Elac Andante range of speakers made their debut appearance in Australia at the International HiFi Show, which opened its doors in Melbourne earlier today.
Wilson Benesch’s Discovery II 2.5-way stand-mounted loudspeakers are being demonstrated at the Melbourne International HiFi Show.
KEF has released new ‘Performance’ speaker stands that it says are ideal for use with its award-winning LS50 and LS50 wireless loudspeakers
NAD’s EISA-award winning C338 integrated amplifier is available for audition at the Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show.
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