Perreaux has released a new integrated amplifier, the 255i, which it says is the most powerful Class-AB integrated amplifier it has ever built, being rated at 250-watts continuous per channel into 8Ω and 500-watts continuous per channel into 4Ω.
Audionet has created a 'Special Edition' of the SAM 20 integrated amplifier to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the SAM 20 design.
Life Style Store in North Parramatta, NSW, will be hosting a special launch evening for the new KEF LS50 Wireless 'Nocturne' speakers on Wednesday 29th November. If you buy a pair on the night, you'll get stands valued at $800 included for free.
Audio Research has released its VT80SE. Rated with a power output of 85-watts per channel, almost the only difference between it and the older VT80 is that the new unit has KT-150 valves.
Monitor Audio’s flagship loudspeaker, the PL500 II, which is available from Melbourne Hi-Fi, is the only Platinum Series model to use an MTM layout.
Exposure has added a monobloc power amplifier, the XM9, to its compact XM series
Very few so-called ‘wireless’ earphones are actually truly wireless. At best the left and right earphones are usually joined by a thin wire. Sony’s new WF-1000X earphones are truly wireless. No wires at all.
Aesthetix has released its first integrated amplifier, a 150-watt per channel hybrid design called the Mimas.
AudioFly’s AF 100W, which was launched at CES 2017, is now available in Australia.
The VPI ‘Voyager’ phono preamplifier is available now in the US, and will soon be available in Australia from distributor Krispy Audio.
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