Marten’s Mingus Quintet speakers are now available at Melbourne’s newest hi-fi store, Sound Gallery. Sound Gallery might be new, but most audiophiles will recognise its owner, John Ong.
The Marten Mingus Quintet is three-way, five-driver bass reflex design that uses three 178mm aluminium-sandwich coned bass drivers, a 127mm ceramic-dome midrange driver and a 20mm diamond dome tweeter. The midrange dome driver and tweeter in the Mingus Quintet are identical to those used in Marten’s flagship speaker, the Coltrane. The crossover, which is connected to the drivers using cabling from Swedish manufacturer Jorma Design, is a first-order type to ensure phase coherence with nominal crossover frequencies at 137Hz and 4kHz.

As with all Marten speakers, the Mingus Quintets are designed and manufactured in Sweden. ‘The Mingus Quintet bridges Marten’s Heritage and Coltrane series,’ Ong told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. ‘A full-range speaker with deep bass and full dynamics, it has all the characteristics of Coltrane, which makes Mingus Quintet the very essence of a Marten speaker, a study in truthful sound that delivers the very lowest levels of distortion, so its sound is effortlessly natural and dynamic.

So if you’ve ever wanted to hear what a pair of $72,000 speakers sounds like, now’s your chance because the speakers are set up for auditioning at Sound Gallery right now, as pictured above. Get down there and listen before someone buys them!
For more information, contact John Ong at Sound Gallery.

Manufacturer’s Specifications: Marten Mingus Quintet

Frequency Resp.:    24Hz–100,000kHz ±2dB
Sensitivity:    87dBSPL/1m/2.83V
Nominal Impedance:    6Ω
Minimum Impedance:    3.4Ω
Crossover Frequencies:    370Hz/4kHz (First Order)
Internal Wiring:    Jorma Design
Speaker Terminals:    WBT
Dimensions (WHD):    280×1070×380mm
Weight:    60kg (each)
Price:    $72,000 per pair (RRP)