Kuzma has revisited its famous 4 Point design and delivered a totally new tonearm, the Kuzma 4 Point 9 Inch, which incorporates many design features unique to this Slovenian company’s tonearms—but delivers them in a slimmed-down arm that, with an effective mass of 13 grams, is less than half the mass of the original. It’s also a more turntable-friendly length: 229mm (9-inches).

By removing the separate VTA tower fitted to the original Kuzma has also opened up more installation options, that were previously not possible for the original 4 Point 11 Inch arm, which weighed more than 2kg and therefore was too heavy for many turntable suspensions.

'The 4 Point 9 Inch uses four cones with a sharp point that sit in bearing pads, two of which are vertical and two of which are horizontal,' says Warwick Freemantle, of Pure Music Group, which distributes Kuzma products in Australia. 'It is similar to what a unipivot arm uses except that there are four points, not one. In the case of the vertical points, there is one fixed point sitting in a circular bearing pad and one floating point sitting in a linear pad. This enables the arm to never bind up under temperature changes so there is always minimal friction in the movement irrespective of temperature.'

For further information, please contact Pure Music Group