Sydney-based cable manufacturer, Krispy Kables, is now also a distributor. The company has been appointed the exclusive Australian agent for SOTA turntables. Made in Illinois, in the USA, SOTA’s current turntable range consists of 10 models extending from the entry-point Comet to the reference-level Millennia. As you’d expect from SOTA, you can still order the turntables with a wide variety of options, including the company’s famous vacuum-hold platter system. SOTA now also builds a record-cleaning machine and other accessories.

SOTA has a history of hand crafting some of the finest turntables for over 30 years, and it’s great to be associated with such a renowned brand,’ says Cameron Pope of Krispy Kables. ‘SOTA has an enviable reputation for build quality and support. In this day and age it's rare to find a manufacturer that can build customers a new turntable, or refurbish one they purchased in 1981 to current specifications. SOTA relies on proven design techniques such as their patented floating seismic platform suspension system and the self-sensing vacuum hold-down platter to consistently deliver high performance. Once you own a turntable with the vacuum platter, you'll never want to own one without it. Thanks to their suspended design, all SOTA turntables are extremely resistant to mechanical noise including foot-falls and can even be sited close to loudspeakers, making them very easy to live with.

Pope told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine that he expects his first shipments to arrive late May. The shipment will include the Jewel and Nova models, SOTA i-Clamp and Reflex clamps, plus the entire range of LP Cleaners. ‘You can custom-order your SOTA with your personal choice from more than 20 different types of wood,’ said Pope, who suggested that interested readers could browse the complete range online, or contact him to schedule an audition.

For further information, please contact SOTA at Krispy Kables


SOTA turntables, accessories and record-cleaning machines are now being distributed in Australia by Sydney-based Krispy Kables.