The JBL Studio 190 floor-standing loudspeaker has been announced European Loudspeaker of the Year 2011–12 by the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA).

The judges of the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) award are all editors and reviewers working for European audio and video magazines. In deciding on the JBL Studio 190, they said: ‘Striking from the first glance, JBL’s ‘Weave’ design ensures its Studio 190 floor-stander will stand out from the crowd. This three-way loudspeaker, which includes a pair of 165mm bass units, sounds powerful, dynamic and detailed, offering a great insight into all types of music—including movie scores. Crucially, while the Studio 190 has an exotic appearance, it remains easy to drive and is the ideal partner for a great many entry-level amplifiers and AV receivers.

In addition to the dual 165mm ‘PolyPlas’-coned bass drivers mentioned by the CEDIA judges, the JBL 190 also has a 100mm midrange driver, also with a ‘PolyPlas’ cone, and a ‘CMMD Lite’ high dome tweeter that’s fronted by a proprietary Bi-Radial® waveguide. ‘These combined technologies offer exceptional clarity and realism with outstanding bass response,’ said Geoff Matthews, of Convoy International, which distributes JBL in Australia, ‘and thanks to the strength of the Australian dollar, we’ve been able to make them available in Australia for just $1,499 per pair.

Convoy has also created a package of six JBL speakers as a home theatre speaker system, known as the JBL Studio 200. It comprises a pair of Studio 190s for the front channels, a pair of Studio 130 bookshelf monitors for the surround channels, a Studio 120C centre- channel and a Sub150P subwoofer. It sells for $3,199.

For further information, please contact JBL at Convoy International