Italian manufacturer Gold Note has released its Pianosa turntable.

The Pianosa’s curvy plinth is fronted with Italian Walnut but it’s actually a sandwich of 20mm of MDF and 3mm of stainless steel sheet. Users can specify a gloss black or gloss white finish for the MDF and the aluminium parts of the Pianosa can be ordered with black or silver anodising. The platter spindle bearing is made of hardened carbon steel and polished bronze and the 25mm thick platter from a PTE material Gold Note calls ‘Sustarin.’

The platter is driven by a belt connected to a 12-volt synchronous motor driven by a Pulse Width Modulation power supply that converts from a.c. to d.c. and then back to a.c., thus enabling speed stability to within a claimed ±0.1% as well as fine speed adjustment and dual operating speeds (33.33 and 45rpm). ‘The Pianosa has a polished hourglass pulley that is specially shaped to reduce vibration, noise and wow and flutter and improve rotational stability,’ said Boris Granovsky, of Absolute HiEnd, which distributes Gold Note in Australia. The Pianosa will retail for $5,190 including tonearm or for $4,650 without.

Manufacturer’s Specifications: Gold Note Pianosa
Wow & Flutter: 0.1%
Rumble: –77dB
Speed: 33.33 and 45rpm ±0.1%
Speed Change: Electronic with fine pitch control
Motor: 12V synchronous
Platter: Acrylic Sustarin®
Spindle: Split-Spindle
Platter Bearing: Chromed steel 5mm ball with adjustable brass seat polished bronze case

For more information, contact Absolute HiEnd