Melbourne’s Class A Audio is holding a special event this Sunday 23rd July to celebrate the arrival of the new PMC BB5SE Loudspeakers.

For one day only, you’ll be able to trade in your old audio equipment on PMC’s PMC Fact and Twenty5 series speakers and according to Kevin You, of Class A Audio, it will be a very special trade-in offer indeed. ‘This offer is so special that I can’t yet disclose it,’ he told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine, ‘but I can assure you that it will be a one-day-only fantastic trade-in discount offer for PMC speakers.’

The special Sunday event will also see PMC's International Head of Pro Audio, Chris Allen [pictured above], personally demonstrating PMC's new BB5 SE Speakers [pictured right] at Class A Audio. The BB5SE is the largest model in PMC’s range and has a 381mm (15-inch) bass driver that’s rear-loaded by PMC’s ‘Advanced Transmission Line’ (ATL) which the company claims allows the speaker: ‘To handle music with the widest dynamic range with absolute ease and confidence.’ You says that although the BB5SE is comfortable playing at high volume levels, its design allows it to perform equally well at low playback levels. ‘The BB5 SE isn’t just designed for the loudest works,’ he said, ‘subtle acoustic material is reproduced with all the dexterity and delicacy of a compact design. No other passive loudspeaker offers this level of resolution and feeling of inexhaustible headroom.’

Event: Discount Offer for PMC Speakers
Time: 10:30am to 3:30pm
Date: Sunday 23rd July, 2017
Venue: Class A Audio
Address: Unit 8, 585 Blackburn Road, Notting Hill, Victoria 3168

Everyone is welcome to attend, but Class A requests that everyone planning to attend should email to register their intention. You can email HERE

For more information about the event, contact Class A Audio