Bose says that its new SoundLink Revolve and SoundLink Revolve+ Bluetooth speakers are its ‘best Bluetooth speakers ever’, ‘truly omni-directional’ and ‘astonishingly loud’. Both models are cylindrical, with the cylinders manufactured from a single piece of aluminium. ‘There’s no “front” or “back,” because Revolve speakers don’t have to be pointed to favour one location over another,’ said Glenn Gomes-Casseres of Bose. ‘Using an entirely new acoustic design, Revolve speakers spread deep, jaw-dropping sound in every direction.’

Bose says that the Revolve speaker design combines two passive radiators (in opposing format) with a single down-firing wide-range driver that fires into an acoustic deflector. (See cut-away image right) ‘This means the sound radiates uniformly in every direction, with deep, rich bass and without the sweet spots and frequency drop-offs of conventional 360-degree speakers,’ Gomes-Casseres told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine.

Both new Revolve models are IPX4-rated to withstand spills, rain, and pool splashes and the durability to survive dings, drops, and bumps and come with a threaded socket to allow them to be tripod-mounted if desired.

The Bose Revolve is 152mm high, 82mm in diameter and is claimed to operate for up to 12-hours on a single charge.  The Bose Revolve+ is 184mm high and 101m in diameter with a claimed battery life of 16-hours.  Both models can pair through NFC, have plain-language voice-prompts for fool-proof set-up, and integrated microphones that allow them to be used as a speakerphone, or with Siri and Google Assistant.

Overcoming a limitation of previous models, these new Bose Revolve models can be paired for stereo operation, or co-joined for ‘party mode’ operation using a free Bose ‘Connect’ app. The App can sync any SoundLink models starting with the SoundLink Colour II. ‘The original SoundLink Mobile redefined the Bluetooth speaker category with their revolutionary performance, while the SoundLink Mini and Mini II took the market by storm with an entirely new level of sound quality from an even smaller design,’ said Gomes-Casseres. ‘The original Colour became a hit with its rugged design and colours, and has just been updated with the Colour II. The SoundLink III pushed the boundaries further with an even more powerful experience. Today, Revolve and Revolve+ usher in the next generation of SoundLink.’ The Bose SoundLink Revolve retails for $299 (RRP) and the SoundLink Revolve+ for $439 (RRP). Both are available in black or grey colours.

For further information, please contact Bose Australia