Danish manufacturer AM has updated its iconic range of LP cleaning products and relaunched it to target the new generation of vinyl fans.

Founded in Copenhagen in 1971 by Anders Moesgaard, AM has updated and relaunched its original record and stylus cleaners, vinyl brush and anti-static mat, as well as a cassette cleaner, tape-head cleaner, pick-up brush, record weight and gear wipes.

We’re delighted to bring back our range of cleaning products for analogue music; it’s been really fun to hear positive feedback from both the original generation of vinyl collectors who’ve been familiar with AM for more than 40 years, and the new generation of younger music fans who are ditching Spotify to listen to vinyl,’ said Jacob Moesgaard, CEO at AM. ‘Global LP sales are predicted to surpass one billion US dollars this year, and sales of turntables are rocketing. AM aims to educate new enthusiasts how to use its safe and non-abrasive cleaning solutions to enjoy static-free playback, reduced wear and prolonged life of records.’

Years of experience, quality and care run through the entire design ethos of the AM range,’ Moesgaard told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. ‘Our record cleaner is specially formulated and virtually unaltered since 1971. Our vinyl brush is made from real carbon fibres to eliminate static and remove the dust and fine particles that can degrade sound. Our stylus cleaner removes dust and particles from the stylus tip that can damage records and the stylus, as well as affect tonal accuracy. Our anti-static record mat is made with carbon fibre… unlike others on the market which make similar claims.’

Although all AM products are available individually, the re-launch sees the addition of a record cleaning box set, which includes a 200ml bottle of record cleaner, an anti-static brush, a stylus cleaner, a pick-up brush and anti-static cloths.

For more information, contact AM Cleansound's Australian distributor, Cherubin Trading