If you fancy a turntable that can be finished in leather—in your choice of four colours—Gold Note’s Valore 425+ is now available in Australia.
Italian manufacturer Gold Note has released its Pianosa turntable.
Kuzma has revisited its famous 4 Point design and delivered a totally new tonearm, the Kuzma 4 Point 9 Inch
Ayon Audio has released its CD-10 SACD/CD player, which is a re-design of the company’s CD-1sx. It has a new DAC, a switchable PCM-DSD converter, a magnetic disc clamp and a 6H30 single-ended triode output stage.
Nagra’s HD AMP has won a Grand Prix award from Japanese high-end audio magazine Stereo Sound.
Melco has updated its Digital Music Library range with three new second-generation products—the N1A, N1Z and the N1ZS.
Pioneer has released two new Network Audio Players, the N-70AE and N-50AE, that come with Spotify Connect, Chromecast, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth all built in.
Audio Technology Switzerland used High End 2017 to announce that the arrival of its most ambitious preamplifier ever, the Nagra HD Preamp, was imminent.
Billie Jorgen, a Western Australian loudspeaker company founded by Lindsay Goddard, has released its first loudspeaker, the 'Series 5', that has a unique internal construction.
It was Metronome’s 30th anniversary this year, so the company celebrated with some new products, all released at High End 2017 in Munich following a strict embargo.
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