Dig out your three-quarter cargo shorts and dust off those Von Dutch caps because the ultimate turn of the millennium tour is coming to town. Alien Ant Farm, CKY, Hoobastank, Lit and Wheatus (aka the soundtrack to every late 90s/early 2000s skate video and coming of age college comedy) will be making five stops around Australia at the end of September.

That’s right, five hits of nostalgia from a time when music videos were a solid financial investment and everything was shot with a fisheye lens, will be rolling around the country on the same bill. Now yes, these bands have continued to release records since their three-chord glory days but let’s be honest, when a lineup like the aptly titled “Sing It Loud!” tour comes to town, everyone’s dying to hear the anthems.

 “Teenage Dirtbag,” “Smooth Criminal,” “My Own Worst Enemy” and “Quite Bitter Things” – if the thought of seeing all these songs live in the space of a few hours doesn’t fill you with delirious excitement, then your teen years were a dull, cultureless void and we’re sorry. But seriously, are Iron Maiden shows still suitable for date night? Sigh, it was a wonderful time to be alive back then.

Each show will have a rotating lineup that will be revealed on the night, so don’t stay at home until the headliner because you may wind up missing the band you bought a ticket for. Tickets go on sale this Friday, in the mean time we suggest brushing up on late 90s lingo to really get into the spirit of things. So remember:

  • You don’t “drink” a beer, you “chug” it.
  • Hot tubs are the original Netflix and chill.
  • Everyone is your bro, regardless of gender.

Tickets available 7th April at the links below:

Sing It Loud!

Tuesday September 26th | Metro City, Perth
Tix: mjrpresents.com

Wednesday September 27th | Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide
Tix: mjrpresents.com

Thursday September 28th | The Big Top, Sydney
Tix: mjrpresents.com

Saturday September 30th | Eatons Hill, Brisbane
Tix: mjrpresents.com

Sunday October 01st | Festival Hall, Victoria
Tix: mjrpresents.com