Pipeline Tremolo

TC Electronic says their new Pipeline Tap Tremolo is the final piece in their modulation puzzle. it gives you everything from the soft sine waves of old school American amp tremolos to the uncompromising Square edges of harder musical genres, but it also gives you the ability to - you guessed it - set the tempo with your toe, tapping out your desired speed on the foot switch. The free TonePrint Editor lets you dive into the tremolo waves, and you can even set two individual oscillating curves for a unique and eccentric tremolo sound resembling the “double dip” on a vintage Shin-Ei Uni-Vibe. And the Custom subdivision mode lets you program up to four bars with different rhythmic subdivisions for a patchwork of staccato flood waves. The Pipeline Tap Tremolois available from July 1.

To hear it in action, visit the TC Electronic website.