Quantum dots, 'HDR Supreme' and an 85-incher for $10,999 - Hisense shows its latest UHD TVs and fills the Melbourne F1 ground with 800 Hisense screens...
The original Echo Farm plug-in was a staple, found in studios throughout the world, and was heard on countless hit records. Now it's back.
Tara Labs says it has built a cable specifically designed for audiophiles who crave musicality in their audio system’s sound performance.
In a study by Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) released by Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) recently, it’s claimed that by 2021 around 60 percent of all vehicles sold in Australia will have digital radio capabilities.
PRS’s vintage-inspired 57/08 pickups are now available for purchase for the first time through the PRS accessories store (US only) and authorised PRS dealers in Australia.
Art Basel in Hong Kong, which opened today and runs until March 25, 2017 features an installation by musician Sven Meyer, sponsored by Sennheiser, that explores the convergence of art and audio
LG's new top-of-the-line wafer-thin OLED TV doubles down on the theme ingredient of Dolby, including both Dolby Vision-capable video and Dolby Atmos-enabled audio.
Genesis legend Steve Hackett is finally coming to Australia and it's gonna be worth the wait.
Danish manufacturer B&O puts design above all else, and that’s very evident with its new H4 headphones, which it says: ‘have been designed to define a new standard for people who value iconic simplicity.’
Monitor Audio has released its IV140 in-wall speaker which, once installed in a wall or ceiling, becomes completely invisible.
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