In a blast from the past, Tannoy has resurrected its famous Arden, Cheviot and Eaton designs from the 1970s, using new dual-concentric drivers and 2017 crossover components.
No minijack, USB-C digital audio, and USonic earbuds which zap your eardrum to create a personal audio profile.
Tangent's range of Danish-designed wireless speakers, radios, CD players and other audio products will now be distributed in Australia by Indi Imports.
British manufacturer Sugden has released a monobloc Class-A power amplifier, the Sugden Grande, to mark its 50th anniversary.
The Marten Design Coltrane Supreme 2, one of the world’s most sophisticated – and priciest at AU$600K – speakers in current production will be available for audition by appointment at Melbourne’s Absolute Hi End from late March 2017
Directed Australia has announced the new and diminutively discreet Kapture KPT-850 crash cam recorder
Panasonic’s new Lumix G flagship raises the bar again in terms of mirrorless camera capabilities both for still photography and video-making.
Both Fujifilm’s ‘APS-C’ format mirrorless flagships are now being offered in special Graphite editions.
An updated version of Leica’s T ‘APS-C’ mirrorless camera is now available.
The JVCKenwood Australia team keep on rolling out new head units with comprehensive features lists.
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