Ten years ago, Gryphon's ground-breaking Tabu proved that an integrated amplifier could mix it with the world's finest high-end pre/power combos in every area of performance. According to Joseph Reidiger, of Kedcorp, which distributes Gryphon in Australia, the new Atilla Integrated ‘brings the legendary Gryphon performance and styling to a new level of affordable cost and minimal complexity.' Reidiger also told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine that the exterior design showed that Gryphon's founder, Flemming E. Rasmussen was responsible for the design. ‘Apart from being a skilled electronics designer, Flemming is also a very talented artist, with a background in fine arts, and you can almost see his signature in the understated elegance and forceful lines of the Atilla's satin black, brushed aluminium chassis and its gloss black acrylic faceplate,' said Reidiger. When we emailed Rusmussen to ask why there were no rotary controls on the front panel, he emailed back: ‘Minimalism and functionalism are more than just artistic statements for us at Gryphon… they are also the core of our design philosophy, a philosophy of dual mono construction, huge and well-managed power supplies, and extreme user friendliness.' Although it's technically a ‘stereo' integrated amplifier, you only have to look briefly inside to see that Gryphon's new Atilla is essentially two independent mono amplifiers. Dig deeper and you'll find that the circuit is a zero negative feedback type, and that the volume control is basically just a microprocessor-controlled passive attenuator. The Atilla's stylish remote control accesses the most-often used functions, including the five levels of brightness for the two-line/50-character vacuum fluorescent display (as with previous Gryphon designs, the inputs of the Atilla can be assigned names of up to eight characters each, and these are shown on the display). You can also program in ‘Maximum Level' and ‘Start Level' volume settings, while an AV throughput option allows you to automatically re-configure the power amplifier section for use with an external surround preamplifier. All software routines inside the Gryphon Attilla can be reconfigured via flash memory.

Gryphon Atilla Features
• True Dual Mono configuration
• Zero negative feedback
• Microprocessor-controlled 50-step relay volume attenuator
• Ultra-short signal path • Minimal internal wiring
• Mil spec. double-sided PCBs
• Dual Mono Holmgren toroidal transformer
• PCB-mounted sockets eliminate wiring and shorten signal path
• Gold-plated Swiss Neutrik XLR sockets
• Gold-plated phono sockets with Teflon insulation
• Fixed-level AV throughput
• Vacuum Fluorescent Display (2 lines, 50 characters)
• Adjustable display brightness
• Future available optional MM/MC phono stage
• Flash memory upgrades via PC
• Non-invasive protection system
• Infrared remote control
• Designed and built in Denmark

For further information, please contact Kedcorp Pty Ltd

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Above and Below: Gryphon Audio Designs' Atilla Amplifier.

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