This new version is serendipitous, since it came about only because when Ayre was developing the analogue output stage of the Ayre QB-9, it made what it calls a ‘surprising discovery'. Ayre's Brent Hefley told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine: ‘Charlie and Ariel discovered some things that we could implement into the output stage of the K-5xe that would make a very significant improvement, so we did… and the result is that the new version is shipping now, with the same ‘MP' logo on the front as the C-5xeMP.' Ayre is distributed in Australia by Advance Audio. Chris Strom, of Advance, told us that existing owners of the C-5xe will be able to upgrade to the MP version, but that he hadn't yet finalised pricing. He said that when he does, there will be two different upgrade prices: one for customers who'd purchased a C-5xe this year, and another for all other customers. ‘We will also be offering an additional option of changing the symbol buttons to alphanumeric types,' he said. ‘I've already fielded calls on the question of the availability of MP upgrades for the V-5xe and P-5xe, and I've been advised by Ayre that it's not working on an MP update for either of these models. However, I can say that Ayre will soon be releasing a USB DAC and updated MP series products for both the Universal player and the C-7x.' For further information, please contact Advance Audio

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Ayre's K-5ex is now available in a ‘Maximum Performance' version.