The Audiophile Society of NSW reports to us that one of its members, Jack Cheung, who owns audio101, demonstrated his company´s products at the Society's May 2009 meeting.

Cheung chose to showcase some unconventional electronic products from Japan's 47 Labs and France's equally-exotic Ocellia speakers driven by its matching valve amplifier. 47 Labs was founded by Jinji Kimura, an audiophile who was disillusioned by the sound of existing high end products and so created a line of products of high musicality using an unusual design approach. The line includes the minimalist Shigaraki and Flatfish CD transports, the PiTracer solid state 25 watt/channel integrated amplifier and the Koma turntable, which usestwo belts, spinning in opposite directions.

Ocillia is a French manufacturer of tube amplifiers, cable and horn loudspeakers and at the meeting, the products demonstrated were the Calliope 3.0 coaxial horn speakers, driven by the Quaero 300B SE integrated amplifier, connected by Silver Signature speaker cables.

The results of the demonstration were apparently very interesting, and a full report of the meeting's conclusions is available on the Society's website.

For further information see ASoN and audio101

audio101- Quaero

audio101 - Jack at ASoN