Raidho D-1 At Show

Danish manufacturer Raidho demonstrates diminutive hand-made D-1 stand-mount speakers at Australian AV and Audio Show 2014.


PSB HD8 Subwoofer Review and Test

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The Krix Phoenix V2.0 speakers deliver a really big sound,…

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YBA Heritage CD100 CD player/DAC review + test

A unique CD player that also operates as a DAC

MSB Signature DAC IV Plus Review & Test

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Pure Audio Vinyl Phono Preamplifier Review and Test

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Chord Electronics - John Franks Interview

John Franks, proprietor of Chord Electronics, has a love for industrial design, architecture and quality audio.

Interview – Dietrich Brakemeier of Acoustical Systems

Edgar Kramer got a chance to catch up with Dietrich Brakemeier of Acoustical Systems

Retro Hi-Fi on Show

The Queensland Audio Group recently held a ‘retro hi-fi’ event, where members brought along, and listened to, 20-year-old audio classic components

Book Review: Audio Transducers Earl Geddes

Audio Transducers is an interesting and important book for professional loudspeaker engineers, but I can’t see that it will be of much interest to audiophiles