Heading the news in this issue is Nikon’s new pro D-SLR flagship, Fujifilm’s exciting new X-T1 (also previewed in this issue), a new addition to Olympus’s OM-D line-up and much more. As always, we publish a calendar of the important imaging events happening locally and overseas over the coming months. For the latest news from the
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Profile - BOB WEEKS
A keen amateur photographer since the age of eight, Bob Weeks had no intentions of becoming a professional, but then a disaster occurred and everything changed. Interview by Bruce Usher.

Profile - Robin Hammond
New Zealand photojournalist Robin Hammond has been documenting the plight of mental heath patients in Africa’s poorest countries and the images are confronting, but illustrate the power of frontline documentary photography. Interview by Alison Stieven-Taylor.

First Look – Fujifilm X-T1
It looks like a classic 1970s 35mm SLR, but Fujifilm’s X-T1 is very much a product of today and the company hopes it will convert many D-SLR users to the mirrorless way.

On Trial – Nikon Df
Nikon probably wasn’t expecting so much controversy to surround its retro-styled D-SLR, but this is a camera aimed at a very specific audience and, in this context, it’s a pretty appealing package.

Feature – 100 Years Of Professional Photography In Australia
In this second extract from his book, A History Of Professional Photography In Australia, Paul Curtis looks at the 1960s and the formation of the Institute of Australian Photographers, forerunner of today’s AIPP.\