What’s New

Making headlines in this issue are Sony’s exciting new Alpha 7 cameras which combine a mirrorless design with a full-35mm sensor, Nikon’s new Coolpix 7800 and AW1 – the first ruggedised compact system camera – and its upgraded D600, Fujifilm’s X-A1 (the X-M1’s cousin), and much more.

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Light Work
These articles are designed to help you understand how the professionals tackle assignments and the techniques they use, including a few tricks of the trade. In this issue Trevern Dawes provides some tips for working in remote landscapes.

Fujifilm Showcase 2013
In every issue there’s a chance to see one of your favourite photographs in print. Entering is easy and you can do it online by submitting your images to or send us digital files on a CD or DVD.

Camera Buyer’s Checklist D-SLRs And CSCs
If you’re in the market for a new interchangeable lens camera, here’s where to start your search. Where RRPs are no longer being provided, we’re quoting an average of the ‘street prices’ we’ve seen quoted over the last few weeks. It’s an imprecise science so expect to encounter some variations when you go shopping.


In Practice  - Have A B&W Weekend
This is the start of a new series of articles, designed to provide you with projects for a weekend of photography. In this issue Andrew James kicks off with some ideas about how to think in B&W.

Photogenic Places-  Benalla, Victoria
It may not be at the top of your list of must-visit locations, but as Ian Rolfe explains, Benalla and the surrounding region are packed with photographic opportunities.

In Practice - Mounting Up
So you’ve made some great prints of your favourite images, what’s next? Jez Ford looks at some of the mounting options now available to help you put on
an eye-catching display.

In Practice - D-SLR Video Maker
Just about every current digital camera can shoot video, but it’s not quite as simple as just flicking a switch. These articles are designed to help you get better results and, in this issue, we look at why video lenses are different to those primarily designed for photography.

In Practice - Lens Choices
Selecting the right lens for a particular subject is critical to achieving the best results, and in this issue we’re looking at what works best with landscapes. Nikon Australia is kindly supplying all the lenses for us to try out.

Interview Ken Duncan
Australia’s best known landscape photographer talks about his recent international travels and his role as an ambassador for Panasonic’s Lumix
compact system cameras.

Classics - From The Nikkormats To FM
As Nikon reprises the styling of one of its most popular 35mm SLRs, we thought it was timely to look at the heritage behind the marque’s consumer level reflex cameras.

In Practice - Digital Print Maker
If you’re doing a lot of digital printing, the cost of ink can quickly become an issue. Trevern Dawes looks at some strategies for more carefully managing your ink usage.

On Trial

Nikon Df
Few new digital cameras have created quite so much debate, but Nikon’s retro-styled D-SLR has lots to like, especially if you once owned a classic Nikon 35mm SLR.

Pentax K-50
Pentax continues to nip at the heels of Canon and Nikon with D-SLRs which offer exceptional value, and the new K-50 balances price and performance even more keenly… plus there’s a choice of 120 colour combinations!

Nikon D610
The D600 was already the best value full-35mm D-SLR on the market, and although the tweaks that have produced the D610 are still quite small, the result is an even better camera.