We interview Patrick Griffis of Dolby Laboratories and SMPTE, talking about High Dynamic Range and the differences between HDR 10 and Dolby Vision.
Yamaha's luscious NS-5000 owes its inspiration to the company’s classic NS-1000 introduced far back in 1974. But the new flagship speaker is very very different.
The three legs of Krell... raw performance at a level to match the most brutish of products, a build usually termed ‘tank-like’ or ‘bullet-proof’, but with the sensitivity and subtlety of the true audiophile product.
iriver’s Director of Marketing, James Jeong, takes us back to their earliest thoughts of making the “Ultimate Music Player’ that spawned the growing Astell&Kern range of high-res audio players.
The owners of this home cinema are big sci-fi fans, and chose to reference The Matrix and Cube movies in this impressive eight-seater Wavetrain design.
JANDL Audio Agencies began more than a decade ago, when founders John and Lydia Millar became frustrated by the often stratospheric prices of brands being advertised as “high-end”.
The Australian Audio & AV Show once again pulled in the hi-fi fans to hotel rooms stripped of bedding and filled with luscious sounding hi-fi and home cinema systems. Come take a tour...
We interview Johan Coorg, KEF Brand Ambassador, & David Kroll, National Sales Manager US & CI Product Manager Global
Edgar Kramer lends his ears to the high-end audio at CES Las Vegas, picking the top 5 rooms and other exceptional performers...
Filmed in 4K on Red One cameras, 'Bloodline's slick looks have seen it picked up by an American distributor for theatrical release , despite its independent roots.
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