It’s no easy task to develop a new Reference loudspeaker. Canton’s designer Frank Göbl likens it to “living in a monastery... strict asceticism and a focus on essentials lead to a steady improvement in virtues.”
Ruark Audio's R1 — the creation story: a chat with Ruark’s Alan O’Rouke. And dog.
The graphs are for the 13 wireless speakers tested in Sound+Image April-May 2017 issue. Please read those reviews, which add additional commentary to the graphs.
Streaming vs ownership - why not have both? says Naim Audio’s Dan Poulton.
At IFA 2016 we caught up with the head of Sony Australia's audio department, Abel Makhraz.
A launch night with Scott Krix at West Coast Hi-Fi Midland led to one of the first installs of the new Krix ‘Series MX’ modular system.
At the recent World Of McIntosh launch of the Sonus faber SF16 (affectionately referred to as ‘The Snail’ harking back to the original of early Sonus faber) we caught up with Livio Cucuzza Chief of Industrial Design and Paolo Tezzon Chief of R&D.
We interview Patrick Griffis of Dolby Laboratories and SMPTE, talking about High Dynamic Range and the differences between HDR 10 and Dolby Vision.
Yamaha's luscious NS-5000 owes its inspiration to the company’s classic NS-1000 introduced far back in 1974. But the new flagship speaker is very very different.
The three legs of Krell... raw performance at a level to match the most brutish of products, a build usually termed ‘tank-like’ or ‘bullet-proof’, but with the sensitivity and subtlety of the true audiophile product.
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