Lay back and enjoy the healing effects of the blue light in your chromotherapy bath, as gentle massaging jets send bubbles all around you. A click on your waterproof remote transforms the mirror into a widescreen TV or you could use it to check your mobile’s latest text messages. Welcome to the bathroom of the 21st century, writes Angela Dorizas.

Bathrooms-S1The Kositalia Grande Quadra bath and shower.

Technology has radically changed the possibilities for just how we can use our bathrooms these days. The popular trend towards all things ‘spa’ now means your bathroom is so much more than just a place to get clean, opening it up to endless possibilities — it can be your private retreat — the place you go to for relaxation, to re-energise yourself and get healthy.

We’ve spoken to the suppliers of many of the latest and greatest products to get you to your ‘zen-like’ bathroom as quickly as possible. Here is our roundup of these products, boasting stylish design and innovative technology, for the intelligent and luxurious bathroom of any smart home.


The bathroom is probably the only room within your home with a guarantee of total privacy, making it the ideal place to lather up, sit back and watch your favourite soapy interruption-free.

Aquavision TV is the current leader in the waterproof television market and the company’s high def LCD screens are specifically designed and manufactured for Australian bathrooms. The screens are flush-mounted into the shower or bathroom wall, while waterproof speakers are mounted in the ceiling to provide high-quality surround sound. A must for all bathrooms, these TVs feature heated screen technology — originally developed in Europe which prevents the screen from steaming up.

Bathrooms-S2An Aquavision TV in this bathroom renders it a place of rest and relaxation. Aquavision TV’s have high def waterproof LCD screens with waterproof speakers mounted in the wall. They also feature heated-screen technology to stop the screen from steaming up.

According to Aquavision, the hidden ‘now you see it, now you don’t’ Mirrorvision design has become an increasingly popular alternative to the noticeable big screen TV. The screens come with a splashproof remote and are also designed to allow integration into existing home automation system. “These televisions can be integrated into the home theatre network with video or data input to them, and audio output cabled through the existing or other audio system,” Aquavision director Damian Crock says. The screens are available in a range of sizes from the 10.4-inch through to the giant 57-inch wide-screen format. For more information go to


The German-designed Mirror Image by ad notam, is now available in Australia. This product is another wall-mounted bathroom mirror which doubles as a fully-integrated TV when switched on. The screens are specifically engineered to suit the bathroom environment and are enclosed in a protective casing. They are now available with wireless technology, making installation and operation less trouble. For more info go to

Bathrooms-S9Bathroom Mirror TV Line by Mirror Image.

But if you’re after the mirror that sums up how connected we have to be in the 21st century, then check out the +336+ SMS Mirror by French designer Robert Stadler. It looks like an ordinary mirror, but when you receive an SMS, the message appears as luminous text running across the surface. Stadler has so far only designed 20 of these mirrors but he’s right in thinking there isn’t a huge market for them just yet — the mirror comes with a price tag of 6000 € (around $9,600 AUD), making it the ultimate high-end bathroom accessory. For more info go to

Bathrooms-S7 +336+ SMS Mirror by Robert Stadler.