We love the ole’ Mustang. Man, that Bullitt movie did a lot for that car (and vice versa); back in the late 1960s it was probably the best film car chase ever. And now here, in the 21st century and in InCar, we have a fully-restored and re-built Warhorse 427 GT that flipped our collective wigs.


Wow, where do we start? So much has been done here that to cover it all in detail would take a hell-of-a lot more pages than we’ve got here.

Let’s start with the car and chassis itself and we’ll leave the A/V tech for later. Now, to say that Ziggy’s Hot Rods has gone all out would be pretty much spot on – the level of engineering on display here is truly something else.

The whole interior was stripped and the rebuild extends to the fully-customised and personalised dash, custom-designed gauges, custom console, door trims, hand-made seats and raised floor. And yes, all of these were hand-made. 

Modern-day refinements were also applied by way of a keyless/wireless ignition system with anti-theft, powered windows and central locking. A vintage air conditioning system was also installed.

Just prior to this, all the surfaces – be it inner quarter panels, head liner, roof skins, in fact all metal surfaces – were overkill covered with Dynamat.

So as far as the interior is concerned, this is a totally new car – it’s been fully re-invented.

The interior colour scheme chosen is a glorious deep red that covers just about the whole of the inside. The stunning redness is broken up with stainless steel and chrome accents around key visual points.